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    Super Smash Bros Ultimate currently has a Season Pass that is called Fighters Pass, which will offer a total of 5 new playable characters, of which we already know that none will be clones of another existing one. Similarly, this Super Smash Bros Fighters Pass offers the opportunity to expand the title scenarios with five new battlegrounds based on people's licenses. Having said all this, there is much more than you have to know about this Fighters Pass, which we detail in the following lines


    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ' announced before its release the Fighters Pass, a Season Pass in which new characters and all kinds of extras would be offered to those users of the Nintendo Switch titles that end up acquiring it. That is why with the recent launch of what is being the first component of this Season Pass of the Nintendo wrestling title, we bring you this content in which we respond to any doubts that may arise about the arrival of characters like Joker among others.

    As we have already said, the Fighters Pass is the equivalent of a Season Pass in ' Super Smash Bros Ultimate,' being that its acquisition will allow Nintendo Switch users to obtain all the packs that leave at the same time of launch. Launching, in such a way that no additional download will be necessary for the Nintendo eShop nor will it have to pay a new amount to be able to acquire said content.


    That said, one of the characteristics of this Fighters Pass as opposed to buying all the DLC individually is that we can get a Rex suit, protagonist of ' Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ', for our character Mii. And for those who still have doubts about it: Piranha Plant is a DLC independent of the Fighters Pass.


    As for the composition of the Fighters Pass, we must start by mentioning that this is composed of a total of 5 packs that will be launched from the launch of ' Super Smash Bros Ultimate ' until February 2020, which means that we could have with one of these DLCs every 3-4 months throughout the year. In turn, it should be noted that these packs are not only made up of 5 fighters, but in turn, these have a new scenario, based on the game of the character released, as well as music and some more relative extras.


    Fighters Pass: With a price of € 24.99 in Spain, this Season Pass will come complete with the five packs already booked at the start. Also, it should be noted that the purchase of this Fighters Pass will unlock the Rex above suit. On the other hand, it should be noted that the purchase of the pack cannot be revoked, so if a character does not like you, you can not cancel it to get the money back.


    Individual DLC: You can acquire once each of the packs is released for a price of € 5.99, which will prevent on the one hand that you end up with a character that you do not like. However, this way, even though you end up buying the five packs, you will not be able to obtain the Rex suit, in the same way, that it supposes an extra cost of almost € 5 in case you buy the 5.

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    In general, it is best to opt for one of these models with a subwoofer or that gives us the option of taking the LFE channel to another external subwoofer. Otherwise, the sound experience will not be as good as it should be.


    We must also look at the connections built into the bar. The usual thing is that they all carry one or several RCA inputs for analog audio, although we should not buy any bar that at least does not bring optical or coaxial digital audio connections and, if possible, one or more HDMI to which we will connect the audio output of the TV, DVD, Blu-ray, console, etc.


    Special mention deserves the issue of audio processing and multi-channel effects. Although in principle they may seem very striking, we should not opt ​​for a particular model just for these factors. The quality of the speakers and the amplification power it is capable of providing is much more critical.


    To summarize a bit, soundbars can be a relatively good option in situations of lack of space and low budget provided they integrate quality speakers, have sufficient power, all the digital and analog connections that we will need and be able to send the bass to an external subwoofer, whether it comes in the kit or we can buy it separately.


    In the market, you will see models ranging from 100 to more than 1,000 euros. As in almost everything, the usual thing is that we opt for an intermediate team, since in my opinion, it does not make sense to spend large sums of money for a device that will not even be able to provide us with a sound like in the movies, or in the section of the rear effects, neither in the acoustic power nor in the scenic realism.


    With modern televisions and the arrival of Smart TV, the usual thing is that every time we see more HDMI ports on the back of the TV. This greatly facilitates the task of interconnection between all the A / V devices that we have.


    The recommended configuration for those who have several audio devices in the room is to use the TV as a hub. This means that you connect all the tools, such as a BluRay player, a console, a pay TV decoder, an Apple TV or the Chromecast directly to the TV. Then it would be to remove the audio from the TV through the optical digital audio output, or HDMI ARC.


    This scenario is ideal, not only because the process is simplified, but because everything you see on TV will be reproduced in the sound bar through a single input, without the need to continuously change the sound source in the bar. Function if you are using one device or the other.


    This configuration is the most logical, and in the end the most practical because it is the one that will give you the least problems. However, you should pay attention to the following:


    You have to enter the sound settings of your TV and select as an audio output the one you have decided to establish, be it the optical, the ARC or the coaxial. By default, a television removes the audio through its speakers, and it is the user who must change the settings so that it stops playing the sound in the integrated speakers and goes through one of the audio outputs from which dispose


    To this day it is not possible to enjoy HD multichannel formats such as Dolby True HD or DTS-HD through HDMI ARC. Neither Dolby Atmos or DTS: X. If you want to hear these formats, you must have a TV with HDMI port eARC, or use the bar configuration as a hub.


    To enjoy multi-channel audio, you must ensure that the Pass-Through option is activated in the sound settings of your TV. This is a function that allows the TV to pass the audio intact from its origin to the end. For example, if you have a BluRay player connected by HDMI to the TV, it will transmit a Dolby or DTS signal to the TV, and the TV can do two things: decode it and convert it into a stereo PCM signal, or not touch it and send it as it is to the TV. Soundbar so that it is the bar that decodes it. The latter is what interests us, although for this the soundbar must be compatible with both Dolby and DTS.